Our Company

Our Company

Al Zanbaka Team

With over 200 individuals working in management, sales and marketing, warehousing and distribution, our team’s commitment to excellence and innovation is the driving force behind our unrivalled services and products. Al Zanbaka’s team is its most valued asset and as such we ensure that all members receive continuous training, helping them deliver superior quality services and meet their expectations for success.  We work as one to achieve the company’s consumer-oriented goals through a horizontal company structure, which is supported by a diverse and highly experienced management team. Al Zanbaka also provides internal and external courses to all of its employees in order to boost their overall knowledge and skill sets, in addition to helping them achieve their long-term career goals.


Market Coverage

Throughout the years, Al Zanbaka has created partnerships with various types of outlets across Jordan including:


Large Grocery Stores

Mini Markets

Wholesale Outlets

Hotels/Restaurants/Cafés (HoReCa)

In Van Sales


Boasting fully-equipped facilities across Jordan, Al Zanbaka is able to service a multitude of clients across a broad geographical spectrum while simultaneously guaranteeing the safety of its staff members and products. Al Zanbaka has carefully designed all its facilities in order to integrate the latest technological advancements in the field of FMCG, and feature:

  • An 8,000-square-meter dry warehouse
  • A 3,000-square-meter chilled and frozen warehouse facility
  • 1,600-square-meter offices
  • A 2,000-square-meter sorting and repackaging facility
  • The facilities completely ensure the quality and safety of all products are maintained at all times

Our Delivery Systems

Al Zanbaka owns a fleet of delivery trucks, vans and sales vehicles, providing customers throughout Jordan with consistent and timely deliveries. To date our fleet is comprised of:

  • 31 delivery trucks
  • 8 vans
  • 35 sales vehicles
  • 5 small cars
  • 3 shuttle buses